A Digital Creative.

This is my online creative outlet. A website for photography, graphic design and my digital marketing thought.
Fair to say that my career has taken a fair few organic twists since graduating back in the 90's.
An art lover from an early age, I progressed to study a degree in Illustration at Portsmouth University.

"Design is problem solving"

About me.

Early roles as sole creative designer at FatFace.
Later positions varied from in-house/agency side across Central London where web design and ecommerce was on the rise.

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I'm an avid amateur and particularly enjoy shots of the night sky and landscape scenes. I adopted digital processing later than most having invested so much of my art college days in beautifully smelly dark rooms.

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"Problem solving through creative imagery".
Design and illustration remains a passion. This shows a small selection of graphic identity work from various stages of my career.

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My Blog.

A new beginning, never a prolific writer, I made sure I added a blog to help me commit to writing more. Here I'll share some of what I experience within the brand management and marketing world.

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"The aim of photography isn't precision
or perfection, it's wonder!".

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