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My illustrative 'urban sketching' style is based around rapid sketching - capturing life in the moment, sketching on location. People and architecture are central to my personal inspiration. I enjoy capturing pace and expression usually in a range of formats. The combination of people and places draws on my love of the city, not only with the sketch pad but also with the camera - the vibrance and the calm. I often pre-paint my rough sketch paper to create a dramatic and gently contrasting mark.

A selection of my urban sketching prints are now available to buy online from my online store. All prints are reproduced on high grade archival paper.

Urban Sketching

Urban sketching remains a passion. A good excuse to watch people surrounded by architecture and long verticals.


People Watching

Inspired by the slow, the rush, the awkward and the plain normal. I love to sketch the human form.


Square Series

A project to create a series of mini black and white square shots. These include repurposed original illustrations. 


The Face 

I'd like to draw your face.


Using Format