Inspiration and influence

Whether a book, audio book, event, podcast or blog. I want to share my inspirations and continual influences

Linchpin - Seth Godin

The first Godin book that really hit home. It's a bombardment of insight around creating change - 'create  art'. Be the one who ships, the one who fights the 'lizard brain', become indispensable. A audio book I've listened to maybe 10 times. Theres always a new quote to find. Seth's delivery is modern, no faff and entirely actionable. 

Read more on Seths blog

Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed

Fascinating insight into the world of repetition, testing, refining, improving, failing, reporting and measuring.

Another book that always remains open. The evidence and case studies that explain the immense successes through marginal gains offers optimism and the reassurance to keep on testing and improving.

More on Matthews site

James Gurd - ecommerce

I was fortunate to work briefly with James before he became a very influential ecommerce advisor and consultant. He's a big part of the regular twitter thread  #ecomchat and works with large b2b and b2c brands on digital strategy. A regular contributor to econsultancy

James' site - Digital juggler

NOW WHAT podcast

I've followed Brad Burton across most his social media journey. From pizza box waving networker and founder of 4Networking.

His style has is very infectious and his insight into motivation and success is always worthy a read/listen. The recent 'Now What' podcast has been a great source of inspiration.

Definitely worth a listen (especially episode 18)

Podcast details here

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