We have no interesting content

..the all to common barrier to B2B content marketing. 

“Who would want to know that on social media?”
“Lots, I say, you’d be surprised”

I’ve worked across many B2B setups and still I weep at the budgets aligned for brochure production and advertising as digital waves from afar, looking hungry.

”..but we’ve always advertised there..!” aaaggh.

By far the most consistent blind spot on the horizon no matter what you make, manufacture, market or sell is the perception that very little, if any, content exists that is regularly newsworthy online.

A wood screw

Top level view. note: This is not rocket science.

If you have a 50 page printed brochure that has content on every page then you have potentially 30=40 bits of content for the pot. Fair assumption?

Perhaps very technical, very niche but you have things that can be explained and perhaps need explaining. Maybe you have a page on (pick a topic that was passed my way once) - screws, Wood screws to be precise. Yes i have worked on wood screws.

That solitary wood screw was a wood screw. Designed for wood. Not walls. “everyone knows that, i was told” - turns out, lots didn’t. 

Screws are not screws

You get where this is going? yes the intricacies of ‘what screw for what material’ were explored. This generated advice for split audiences. Consumers and trade needed a slightly different tone. How about a chart? Maybe a video? Lets pop a link direct to our product. Voila.

We have no interesting content.

As i heard once on stage at BrightonSEO (awesome, please do go.) .

“if everything is important, nothing is important”.

If you fail to isolate the detail and expertise that you really definitely have (yes, you do) then you’ll continually see digital as a hungry yet isolated neighbour that just gets in the way.

Seize upon your expertise. share online, gain links, get discussion and be remembered.


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