BrightonSEO April 2017

I’m faced with an all too common recognisable dilemma, that being, a write up on the latest BrightonSEO. This was my seventh visit. Previous blog incarnations have and still do, live in a mounting drafts pile. Simply put, there’s so much to discuss and collate that I never felt possible or qualified to comment. A recent request to share my day’s takeaways with a super swift deadline ensured that this long overdue commitment to a blog post actually happened.

My first BrightonSEO at the Brighton Centre.

Not a hardened veteran as such, nor a hardened SEO, but I did glance over towards the Dome and recall previous lightbulb moments that absolutely made me do my job differently and better. Dave Trott delivered a masterclass in lateral thinking, last year, as did Rory Sutherland just last week. Those are the moments that make BrightonSEO even more worthwhile.

The rise of structured data from Raj at Yext was a perhaps the most impressive opener I’ve seen. Highlighting just how fast the search landscape is moving and indeed just how the best in SEO/marketing/design can never stand still. (we’re all in this together). Children will drive this industry faster than we can imagine. I found myself exploring the concept of what happens when the traditional ‘website’ is a thing of the past.

Technical takeaways are always in great supply at BrightonSEO, Tom Bennet expertly unpicked Google Tag manager to show its analytical power. Answer box ranking techniques from Adrian Phipps kicked off a superb pm session which I’m sure had many scribbling/typing furiously and secretly hoping their own competition weren’t hearing. My own desire to blog more was encouraged by the prolific Sam Charles. Here’s to that!

Although impossible to attend every session, BrightonSEO is continually relevant and should certainly be in your training plan. If you don’t manage to scramble a free ticket, the prices are still well under budget. Roll on September.

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