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Why does the concept of social media still outfox old school marketing types?

This was going to be a single tweet, but I wanted to give it a more solid base. Before we even delve into from Pareto 80/20 rules, ROI, Public Relations ‘measurement’ with accompanying smoke and mirrors. Advertising, Media lists - ABC audited .. (all still hugely relevant - but hang on..)

Social media delivers you an audience that WANT to read/watch what publish, yes there will be exceptions, bots and fake accounts. Your followers have chosen to hear what you want to say. Imagine that.

If I ran a magazine and told you that 300 of our monthly readers directly requested you to publish and article, a “how to” guide, a white paper etc - I reckon you struggle to argue against as to why not to provide.

Speak to those who want to hear from you. 

Worth a try.


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