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The debate of personal branding will never stop, If you read every blog advising on the benefits and the negative aspects of such you'll never do anything and still keep reading. The fact is I wanted to build somewhere were I could initially share my photography, then it made sense to show some older design projects and then I thought I'd write a blog, or at least comment and read more on other peoples blogs. 

Then I was asked to write for another blog and then speak to other people about what I do.  It's amazing how such a simple gesture like that can change an complete personal outlook.  

About me. 

Early roles as creative designer at FatFace through to varied from in-house/agency side and freelance design across Central London where web design and ecommerce was on the rise.

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I'm a keen freelance photographer. I adopted digital processing later than most having spent much of my art college days in beautifully smelly dark rooms.

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"Problem solving through creative imagery".
Design and illustration remains a passion. This shows a small selection of graphic identity work.

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My Blog. 

Never a prolific writer, I made sure I added a blog to help me commit to writing more. I hope to share some of what I experience within the brand management and digital marketing world.

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