A Digital Creative

I am a creative marketeer based in the South West of England, working currently within the KBB bathroom sector (KItchen, bedrooms and bathrooms). I manage digital marketing (social strategy and paid search) and brand management within b2c and b2b sectors. A selection of my work across my other skills of photography, design and illustration is also present here.

A Marketer. 

Early roles as creative in-house/agency side and freelance design across Central London to social media consultancy, digital marketing and brand management.

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A Photographer.

I'm a keen freelance photographer working particular in landscape scenes and  astrophotography. 

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An Illustrator.

My earliest passion. I have had published freelance illustrative work across various media titles. My style is rather 'urban and rhythmic'. 

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A Designer.

"Problem solving through creative imagery". 
This shows a small selection of agency and freelance graphic design.

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Freelance Marketing/digital design consultant roles agency and client side including the likes of:

  • The University of Portsmouth 
  • Exeter University
  • Penhaligons of London
  • Emafyl
  • Debenhams
  • FatFace
  • BigGreenSmile.com
  • Watergroup UK
  • Biomni 
  • LGC /LGC Promochem
  • UKBW.com
  • UK Bathroom Village 

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