For me, art is a way of expressing emotion and seeing the world in new and different ways. It is a powerful and transformative force, and I am always seeking to explore its full potential through my work.

The tension, the light, the depth, the anger, the decay, the majesty, the height, the people, the love, the sky, the crowds, the bustle, the atmosphere, the moment - these are just a few of the things that inspire me as I work. 

Whether I am sketching on location or creating larger, more artful paintings in the studio, I am always looking for ways to infuse my work with strong tones, rapid mark making, and negative space to create dynamic and expressive urban scenes.

As an urban landscape artist, I am deeply inspired by the cities and towns where we live and work.  I am always seeking new ways to capture the energy and character of the city in my art.

From grand, historic buildings to small, quirky shops and street scenes, there is always something new and interesting to discover in the urban environment. 

I am particularly drawn to the way that architecture and historic structures can carry so many stories and tales, and I love to use my art to explore and express these stories in new and creative ways. Whether studio based  or on location,  I am always seeking new ways to capture the essence of the city and bring it to life through my art.

My Watercolour Process

As an urban landscape artist my work is inspired by the cities and towns we live in. An avid urban sketcher, my dedication to sketching on location and remaining true to the cause has been tested through various lockdowns. 

I have reflected heavily on my sketchbook and adapted many of these pieces into larger more artful creations on canvas that forge visual reference and my imagination.

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