As an urban landscape artist my work is inspired by the cities and towns we live in. An avid urban sketcher, my dedication to sketching on location. Whilst capturing a scene from everyday life, I always seek to bring an element of intrigue and spontaneity to deliver a more ‘artful’ representation rather than capturing a photo-realistic representation. Be it in the rapid sketching style that demands a simplification of the scene or indeed the fluid and spontaneous use of watercolours, both help to add rhythm – the essential ingredient to make it work as a piece of art.



I am a UK-born artist now living in Taunton, South West UK

Known for my urban landscape artworks and architectural based studies,  I regularly contribute to the Urban Sketchers initiative of 'on location' sketching as well as exhibiting nationally and online. 

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My Work

The towns and cities we live in is my inspiration. The tension, the light, the depth, the anger, the decay, the majesty, the height, the people, the love, the sky, the crowds, the bustle, the atmosphere, the moment. 

Rapid mark making and raw paint application techniques help fuel my lucid and fast painting style.

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In the Media 

I’m the recipient of multiple International Magazine biographies for my urban themed observational artwork and a recent winner of the 'The Holy Art' ATOPOS event. 

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Urban Landscape Artist
Award winning artwork. Neil Whitehead 2021
Taunton Independent Quarter
My local urban sketching location
Bath, Somerset
Lockdown original canvas
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