I am an award-winning Urban Landscape Artist originallyfrom London, now living in Taunton Somerset, dedicating my spare time to fuel a lifelong artistic passion with a highly recognisable style of expressive line and fluid colour artworks, inspired by architecture and the towns and cities we live in. My fast and fluid style in ink, watercolour and acrylic is all about speed, rhythm, expression and creative license.

I gain my inspiration from the fusion of the modern age framed by listed buildings, historic shop fronts, archways and spires. Born through 'urban sketching', my artworks are all about rhythm and expression - not about a photographic representation but a more original and artful take on the form and colour of our towns and cities. 



I am a UK-born artist now living in Taunton, Somerset UK

Known for my urban landscape artworks and architectural based studies,  I regularly contribute to the Urban Sketchers initiative of 'on location' sketching as well as exhibiting nationally and online. 

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My Work

The towns and cities we live in is my inspiration. The tension, the light, the depth, the anger, the decay, the majesty, the height, the people, the love, the sky, the crowds, the bustle, the atmosphere, the moment. 

Rapid mark making and raw paint application techniques help fuel my lucid and fast painting style.

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Exhibitions and Features

Workshop and demo lead at Swiss Urban Sketchers Symposium 
7-9th September 2024

Bath Contemporary Art Fair
9th July 2023

BBC Radio Somerset Urban Sketching

Artist Talk magazine feature, Spring, 2022

Cross Roads Exhibition, The Holt Gallery.

'South West Creatives' Pop Up Exhibition 2022- 

'Cass Art’ guest feature ‘Insidemy sketchbook’ 2021

'Artist Talk' magazine feature 2021. page 152

Artist feature for 'Pedestrian space' sustainableurbanism, Norway 2021

Online workshops for the 'Baltic sketchingfestival' and 'Stable Arts' creative course in Somerset, UK 2021

Winner of the 'Holy Art' ‘Atopos’ exhibition,London 2021

Exhibited at ‘Dessin la Fenetre' (a Covid lockdowninspired exhibition) in Vannes, France 2020

BBC Radio Somerset artist feature 2019

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Urban Landscape Artist
Award winning artwork. Neil Whitehead 2021
Taunton Independent Quarter
My local urban sketching location
Bath, Somerset
Lockdown original canvas
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