South West Creatives

Very pleased to have recently contributed to the South West Creatives exhibition in Glastonbury. The three day show formed part of the mission to build a  platform that celebrates artists, designers and curators within the South West.

 “SWC not only aims to build a creative community within the Somerset region, but looks to connect the dots between those working in the creative industry and those whom take an interest in it.”

I displayed four original watercolour urban works.

1 - ‘Towards Piccadilly ’ 
Crisp Autumn skies in central London. My journey from Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus captured here in fluid ink and signature blue wash.
Original for sale here

2 -  ‘Lyceum at Dusk’ 
Long winter shadows fall as theatre goers queue. The evening buzz of a busy London never fails to inspire. The evening’s anticipation captured in fast flowing lines and deep layers of dark paint.

3 ‘Elm Hill, Norwich’ 
Green shoots of optimism in the spring of 2021. Highly rhythmic and full of unrestrained artistic license, this landscape triggered a welcome shift in my colour use.
Original for sale here

4 - ‘Ilminster’ Warm summer blues flood the Somerset town. The angular perspective, piercing skyline and emerging shop front details epitomise my highly distinctive urban landscape style.
Original for sale here

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