Sketching workshop in Zurich

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have been invited to join the Swiss Urban Sketchers Symposium this September and run a series of workshops and demos in the beautiful city of Zurich. I gladly accepted the invite and preparations are underway to capture Switzerlands vast selection of colours, architecture and people.

The event itself kicks off on the 7th September 2023 , where two hundred sketching enthusiasts will descent upon the Swiss city and learn from a great selection of highly talented artists and urban sketchers. I plan to learn plenty myself. These events are such a great social occasion and all levels of experience, sketching mediums and skills are encouraged to join in. 

Tickets go on sale soon. I am personally very excited by the range colours of Zurich and the mixture of old and new architecture, something that always fuels my creative side, and my curiosity around the history that the urban landscape can tell.
More details on the event can also be found via instagram and Facebook

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