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​Star trails over Somerset

Star trails over Somerset

Ring nebula in lyra astrophotography, taken in Taunton, Somerset

The Ring Nebula

Astrophotography in cornwall

Skies like these are a dream for any astrophotographer. Looking north in southern cornwall

Cornwall Astrophotography and trees

Calm summer stars 

Wimbleball lake, somerset astrophotography

Wimbleball Lake. A recognised dark sky site

Luna astrophotography shot of the moon from Taunton, Somerset

Lunar Gibbous.

Close up astrophotography lunar shot. Taunton Somerset

Gibbous waning November Moon, Taunton, Somerset

The Orion nebula shot from Taunton Somerset

My first crack at The Orion Nebula. 25 exposures stacked

Maenporth star trail astrophotography

30 minute star trail across towards Falmouth

the moon and the trees

The evening moon peaks through the dusk sky

Diving into the Pleiades. Taurus shines bright in the winter sky
a long exposure star trail looking towards Falmouth, cornwall

Maenporth to Falmouth

A long exposure star trail on Maenporth beach, Cornwall

Star Storm

star trail long exposure in West Sussex

Star trails over MIddleton-on-Sea, West Sussex. 

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