A two year take on sketching

I’ve just recently dug out my recent collection of moleskine watercolour books to see if I can pinpoint where whether my style has changed. As an avid sketcher I follow many artists on social media and I often wonder whether theres a limit to development once a style has been truly cemented. My own development seems to have passed in fast and slow moments. Whether thats due to discipline, lack on experimentation or a comfort zone that’s too comfortable, I’m not sure. What I can see personally  is a growing confidence in expressive use of paints and a distinct shift towards a more artful representation of an urban scene. I have begun reworking pieces at home as framed art rather than pure on-location mark making, brought about possible by the flurry of commissions in 2021.

This video shared across my Facebook page offers some clear evidence of a shift in confidence but also a more concentrated use of the sketchbook to create scenes.

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