Are you an Artist?

Finding my art again.

What’s happened? 20 years after graduating in art and design and working as a graphic designer and more recently a digital marketing / brand manager, I’ve rekindled my artistic side. I bought some watercolours, got deeply inspired and suddenly had a moment of realisation. 

I’ve always lived with a certain approval requirement to claim a status. How arrogant to declare myself an artist? I grew up studying Constable, Dali, Mondrian, Escher, Scarfe, Bacon to name a few. They are artists. 

“Are you an artist?”

“Me?, no, I just paint for fun”.

“Would you consider selling your art?, I’d like to buy a piece”

“Err, yes, that’d be amazing”

“So you are an artist”

“Maybe, a little bit.”

My inspiration actually started last October 2018. The Inktober challenge to be exact. A 1 inch square piece posted everyday along with thousands around the world. I loved the concept. The biggest shift for me was the sudden way I felt I had found my ‘style’. The element every student craves which develops for some in 3 years has taken me 20. 

Building the website and aligning digital marketing around the theme was the easy(ier) bit. When it’s your own money you’re ever so more prudent in analytical analysis. 

I’ve had more views of my art from Texas than London!

Freelance experience earlier in my career seems a mile away from the challenges and opportunities available now with social communication so vast. It’s a strange feeling watching and reading discussions around my artwork from people I’ve never met, seeing it displayed on other websites that I’ve never visited. It’s amazing!

I’ve picked up a range of commissions and been asked to exhibit at a gallery in Norfolk!

This might all seem very ‘entry level’ in such an accepted world of sharing, reposting, commenting and screenshotting (is that a word now?), however when’s it’s your art, it’s much more personal. 

Thanks for the support.

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