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Heading back to Ho Chi Minh after a long days sailing

Heading back to the mainland. This poor girl hung on for dear life for 2 hours. 

The preferred mode of transport in Ho Chi Minh

The lush fields of Dalat

Lunch is served. After a session of diving into the South China Sea

Hotel view of a very hot May morning in Ho Chi Minh.

Me taking aim with an AK47. 

River living

Ho Chi Minh is a hive of activity and purpose

The beach sellers of Nha Trang. The international expression of Luvvly Jubbly reached east Asia.

I had a rough ride on this boat and this guy was a star. Undeniably cool.

Unbelievably clear seas east of Vietnam. Diving from top deck was exhilirating

I took the picture and then jumped in to the floating bar. Perfect!

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