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ND filter water shot - Maenporth

Maenporth beach 10 second exposure. I love the colours emerging under the water

Maenporth beach ND filter

Fading light on a Cornish beach. 

Maenporth beach ND filter

A distant climber scales the rocks as I perch on the stand in the sea with a tripod

brighton pier

Brighton Pier, the mini tripod aiding a 5 second ND filter shot. Love the depth that black and white brings

The Beach at Beer

The Dorset coastline at 'Beer'. A long exposure dissolves the energetic waves

A frozen state. The Beast from the East covers England

Bourton on the water ND filter long exposure

In a break from the rain I managed to capture this fast flowing river in a 10 second ND filter shot whilst shooting at Bourton On The Water, Cortswolds

Bourton on the Water

Bourton On The Water. Postcard potential around every corner

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