Photography remains a passion, having spent many hours in the traditional darkroom as an art student. My ‘city love’ series documents my own development in capturing movement through long exposure – a technique I learnt in the pursuit of capturing the night sky through a telescope. My blurred city shots were quite impromptu and involved just a mini tripod and timing. They all illustrate my craving for sharp perspective and experiments around the rule of thirds. My favourite shot ‘Behold’ was a December capture on Regent street which involved sitting on the kerb (safety advisory!) to capture the angle and to merge the Christmas angel amongst the busy London bus. 

Throughout my travels and creative career I've picked up a wide range of photographic skills, styles and techniques that help document my inspirations and journeys. I shoot with a Nikon setup and am highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for essential post-production requirement. As a student I spent long nights learning to shoot the night sky and spend time burning and dodging in the dark room.

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